Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vintagius Rotarius

Here are some photos of a short we are putting the final edits on. My sculpture degree makes me love to use "found objects" as actors. The premise of the film is some cell phone archaeologists are digging in a blizzard and stumble upon a once thought of mythological creature named Vintagius Rotarius (Rotary phone). They dig it out and the ice starts to melt, bringing it back to life. It then proceeds to terrorize the cell phones.

The background sky photo is a six foot print out of an image our friend Jeremy painted digitally for us. We even paid him real money to do it!

The snow is a hundred dollars of baby powder that we are still cleaning up! That's right this film had a budget, people.

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Schirme said...

OH, I sooo look forward to this. Looks sweet, Dax.