Thursday, July 17, 2008


I bought the iPhone.

That's right... I bought it! I see you looking down on me with your Samsung.... with your little flip open phone! Your little I ain't got no stinking GPS phone. Looking down on me for joining the MASSES. For standing in line three hours to buy it! That's right, I did it! I was part of the group! That's right! I bought the iPhone.

Her name is iRene and we are in love.

Here is a link someone sent me. They saw this on YouTube. That's right! I watch YouTube! You can see me standing in line with my arms crossed looking really mad.... oops! I had to do it, just to say I did it. That's right... I did it! I bought the iPhone.


Carolina said...

Apple's next product: the iBride. Wonder what kind of apps they'd have for that ;)

C.B. Canga said...

ha that's so funny. i totally saw you in line on that video. nifty striped shirt you were wearing:)

enjoy you phone.