Monday, July 21, 2008

48hour Film Festival

We did another 48hour Film Festival this weekend. It was insane! Friday night at 7:30 we met 34 other teams at a bar. You draw out of a hat to find out what genre you have to make your film in. We drew Detective/Cop this year. They then give you a prop, character, and line of dialogue that has to be in all films. (PROP: bus ticket, CHARACTERr: Gloria Lorenz, Trade Expert, LINE: Forget it, I already have.) Sunday night by 7:30 you have to turn in a completed film. We got there at 7:25, I swear! It is showing at the Roxie in the Mission this Thursday at 7:00 if you want to see. Yeah right, like you're gonna show.

We wrote the script Friday night till way past my bedtime. We started shooting Saturday morning at 7am. Our first location was on Taylor St. The spot where Steve McQueen did the famous car jumping scene in a Ford Fastback. We tried to recreate it with remote control cars..... it was a nightmare! We got the shot, but everything that could go wrong went wrong. We where about to say action when a garbage truck pulls up right into our shot. We waited 10 minutes for them to leave! I don't know if you've ever seen a garbage man collecting garbage on the hills of Taylor St., but it is not a pretty sight. When the guy returned from the bottom of the hill with the garbage can, he was so out of breathe I thought he was going to die. Suddenly I thought, I'm right in the middle of a 48 hour film festival and I might have to give the garbage man CPR.

We also shot in an alley. There are lots of pigeons in a San Francisco alley... one of them shit on our camera. If I ever see him again...

Special thanks to Donna Solanga, you are amazing! Pauby Widjaja, you drive better than Steve McQeen! Nicolas and Gil... you guys were so funny! You bastards, stole the film! And Al, who did all the green screen effects in one Good night.

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Natasha said...

I think you'll be in the running for an Oscar with this film Dax (maybe foreign film category even?!?)..i loved it!! good luck...i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you