Friday, January 16, 2015

High Tide and the Sandcastle
High Tide and the Sandcastle is now available on Amazon. Kindle - $0.99, free to Prime Members in the lending library, and $5.69 for paperback.

Norman O'Donnell has had a good life - but that's all behind him. Substituting puzzle pieces for poker chips in their nightly card games, he and the other residents of the North Point Retirement Home wind down their twilight years in comfortable routine. When a diagnosis of Alzheimer's threatens to strip him of his memories and life as he knows it, Norman asks to make one last pilgrimage to Las Vegas - and is denied. Taking matters into their own hands, his friends fashion an elaborate escape. With fire alarms pulled, heart attacks faked, and his best friend Mildred in tow, Norman steals away with the help of his grandson, setting off on one last road trip to remember.