Monday, June 23, 2008

CurlyHairedPeople Beginnings

A few years ago during my senior year as a sculpture student, I decided to make a movie with found objects for my final project. Bowling pins to be exact. The whole short film was me chasing them around the city trying to knock them down.

This is when I met Alessandro Squitti. He is straight out of Rome! I had been taking an Italian class for one of my LA classes and tried to speak Italian to him every time I saw him in the halls. For a while, he just looked at me like I was weird. But we quickly became friends.

I am second generation Italian. My grandparents came over on the boat. Aldo Santi and Joseph Giordano were friends, so my mother and father actually grew up together being in the two familys. The picture above is my father giving my mother his cub-scout ring! My grandfather was picked on for having an accent. Instead of becoming a gangster and shooting them, he decided that he was now an american and vowed to make his family as american as he could. So I just speak English.

Alex was into making movies and is actually a Jedi when it comes to computers. He helped me edit my film. We started talking about making another and CurlyHairedPeople Productions was born. The lighting in our first short is very bad, in fact we didn't even use "movie lights" but we had lots of fun. It can be seen at It is called Metallica Toothpaste. We shot it in the women's restroom where we work. While we were shooting the cleaning lady walking in on us. She still looks at me funny.

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